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          Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

          I’ve been eating their business lunches for the past 7 years. Not even once have I had any unpleasant experience. And the dishes always taste fresh and good!


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          The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and for that value I always get a fresh, tasty Asian dinner!


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          My friends, who go here every week highly recommended this place to me. Now, I visit it each day after work, though it takes me 5 minutes to walk. But it’s totally worth it!


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          Chef Recommends

          Choose a perfect combination of main dish and wine, thanks to our Chef’s specials

          Chef's special
          in Black Bean Sauce
          Chef's special
          with Sago Pearls and Pomelo
          Chef's special
          with a Lettuce wrap
          Chef's special
          with Garlic and Chilli
          Chef's special
          with Pork Floss
          Chef's special
          in Mongolian Sauce
          Chef's special
          with Sesame Seeds
          Chef's special
          in Sichuan Chilli Sauce

          Are you looking for a traditionally Asian dish to enjoy?

          We have it all here!

          The team that works in our kitchen, values diversity and has the best Pan Asian meals to offer!

          Chop-Chop Main Chef

          Relax in a pleasant , friendly atmosphere !


          Coming to our place for a lunch or a dinner, you will feel just like visiting China, Thailand or any other traditional oriental country. Just like our dishes range is Pan Asian, so is our restaurant interior and exterior!